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2021 has been a roller-coaster ride for the eCommerce industry. Whoever bought a ticket for it earned bags of riches. And now, with Web 3.0, Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence, and AR-VR almost sitting at our shoulders, one must stay ready with a future-centric eCommerce CMS. PrestaShop is a solid choice for sure. But, do you know how to leverage its maximum potential? If not, we've got your back. Working as a PrestaShop partner company & development agency for over 10 years, our certified PrestaShop developers have helped new startups, digitalpreneurs, local businesses, and unrecognized manufacturers start their eCommerce journey from scratch. Since PrestaShop is an open-source platform, we help our clients begin with the minimal investment possible, adopt new technologies, strategize their growth, and enjoy 5X higher conversion than their rivals through our PrestaShop development services.

Reasons why we are an ideal PrestaShop development company

We have been servicing the eCommerce industry for over 20 years now. We know how trends work and how exactly a business should leverage them for its growth.
  • Quality is our Priority

    Quality is our Priority

    We are PrestaShop artists. Compromising quality over quantity isn't simply our way of working.
  • 100% Certified Developers

    100% Certified Developers

    Nethues doesn't follow a typical recruitment process. All our PrestaShop developers are officially certified by the PrestaShop Inc.
  • Technical Security Assurance

    Assured Technical Security

    Keeping our firewalls updated and security modules upgraded, our developers assure a risk-free environment for your PrestaShop development project.
  • 60 Days Free Support Post Launch

    Free 60 Days Post-Completion Support

    We understand the challenges you could have to face. That's why we back you up with no-charge reliable support for two month.
  • No-nonsense Pricing

    Fair & Digestible Pricing

    As a PrestaShop partner company, we use cost-efficient toolkits that neither go monetary hard on our clients nor us, resulting in reasonable costs.
  • Agile Development Approach

    Agile Development Approach

    We break each PrestaShop development project into manageable parts and operate with 100% transparency at all steps keeping our clients actively involved.

Our PrestaShop Site Development Process

An organized and efficient process that ensures maximum resource utilization to create next-gen PrestaShop websites.

You would never know how easy it is until you start doing it

Hire us as your prestaShop development company

We are India's Top PrestaShop Web Development &
Partner Agency

PrestaShop Partner
PrestaShop partner is an honor that companies give to agencies only when they find their services to a certain level of excellence. We never called ourselves the best. It's our clients who have affirmed this title for us. Perhaps because all our PrestaShop projects are conducted in-house by a broad team of over 10 PrestaShop certified developers, no freelancers.

We treat our clients with a zero-hassle policy, in which we assure them a 100% worry-free project experience. We do this by appointing each of them a dedicated task administrator, planner, account manager, and a PrestaShop designer to create their website. Transparency is our utmost priority and the strongest reason why our clients prefer choosing us again & again. We keep it intact by offering a smart management tool that they can use to monitor their project's status, worksheets and communicate with their team, including the director.

As we said, we are a PrestaShop partner agency; we show you the perks of this title through our services. Unlike ordinary PrestaShop development companies and service providers, our developers bring you the most exclusive PrestaShop add-ons, modules, themes, and other limited rewards at a cost, not more than FREE. You can either hire a PrestaShop engineer who works with you on task to task, or a PrestaShop development & partner company like Nethues, to handle everything for you, just to help you pave your way to the top, FAST!

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Answering top Queries of a PrestaShop Development Company

  • Well, we don't just think. We believe we are because of the trust we've earned by working & refining our services for over a decade. We don't waste people's time giving unnecessary explanations. We have a proven track record of our work. Furthermore, we've built a certified team of in-house engineers (No-freelancers). And, we don't abandon our clients without offering them free maintenance & support services after completing their project. We believe an ideal PrestaShop development agency is confident and ever-ready to help you fight your way to the top.
  • First, PrestaShop is free to use. Second, it's a trusted platform with over 7 lakh subscribed businesses. Third, it is no less than a paid eCommerce CMS like Shopify or Big Commerce. And fourth, it is way too powerful & feature-rich to help your business succeed in its niche.
  • Certainly. We've developed customized themes for over a hundred PrestaShop. Our developers and UI designers work together in this. Your inputs and requirements will also be seriously considered, so you receive the desired output.
  • This is for what our developers have completed their official PrestaShop development training. They can easily migrate any online business, from any eCommerce CMS whether Shopify or Magento, to PrestaShop with zero data loss and functionality bugs.
  • Mobile is the primary digital device today. Our developers make mobile-friendly PrestaShop from the start of their project. However, if your existing site isn't mobile-optimized, we can make it too, without any concern.

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